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Rotten Politics/TJ Reardon Grand Jury Investigation Trial #1 -- Resulted in a Hung Jury 3/4 not guilty.
Grand Jury Investigation Trial #2 on
3-4-2013 was a Mis-Trial
Trial #3 June 10th, 2013
Again -- Results in a Hung Jury

Grand Jury Trials are Over & Done
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American Legion Post 213




"Citizens Media" -- Month of December
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“If corrupt politicians will quit telling lies about me.
I will stop telling the truth about them”

Corporate and Political Greed never sleeps
Voter Ignorance never wakes up

Scams Against "We The People"
Wounded Warrior Project Scam.

In Fred Harvey's Words and I agree
"A cop I could not and would not be."

Thanks to those who do.

**Warning** Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Is a
Trojan Horse for Wall Street Deregulation

Our Government is ran by Corporations using political contributions to bull doze the way.

America's Four Party System vs
Rotten Politics FU Party

Are We Approaching a Perfect Storm?
Are we facing Financial Meltdown?

Bill Maher asks -- Whats wrong with Kansas Voters?

As We at Rotten Politics Fight Daily to
Stop Political Corruption it is done for all YOU.
Opening this Link you see "part" of why we fight

Again I Ask "Have you had enough _ enough terrorism, tyranny, religious battles, US Constitutions Broken and
of course the tax thievery of Political Corruption?"
*Click - If you don't know the name Bill Whittle
just listen to this and you will remember him

Bond Problems for WYCO and State of Kansas
As you know Star Bonds have financed all Village West and now all the Bonds in Kansas are in trouble!
* Click - Bond Fraud.htm

City and BPU employees take Notice.
When Bankruptcy hits KCK
Your pensions will be the first to go.
Why? You vote the way your told &
THEY (The Elected) are destroying your City

Government Gone Wild

"Again" Rotten Politics in "We Told You So"
The Wyandotte County Fair
destroyed by Gary Grable

The SIGN of the times - Tells it all
Represents all Corrupt Politicians

What are the ODDS there is
NO Political Corruption

4th of July 2014
Support those who fight for your rights.

Government Satisfaction Poll
ABC News/Washington Post

Public Trust - Is it gone?

Fathers Day Tribute to Jack Reardon

Job Markets of the
Biggest Employers in KCK

The Battle to STOP BPU Political Corruption and Greed
We the Little People must Stand Up in 2014

This is a must hear for all!

Canadian Gun Laws
could be coming to USA

"We The People" Allow this?

This Cartoon could represent the Governments
non ending greedy persuit to get our money

or our greed to get something free?
You tell me?

The Corrupt Politics of the World
Why? it's all about them and not us People

The Real Afghanistan
by A Real Marine

Famous Kansans

The Funding of a Government Stimulus Package

"See the Candy Bomber"
Do you remember when People did for People.
We now have Corrupt Politicians doing for Corrupt Politicians or for those giving huge contributions.

God Bless America
The Original Sound Track by Kate Smith

My Question?
If America is now and was always the "Land of the Free",
why does it cost us Taxpayers so-so much just to make our corrupt and greedy politicians so-so rich?
Don't we all live in the same America?
Thanks John -- 2-8-14

Politics & Humor
These Two Should Go Together

Dr. Seuss Vs Uncle Sam
The Public is Fed-Up


FACTS in Reporting for 12 Years Running

Retirements a Common Problem for all Cities
I appreciate Police, Firemen & City Employees,
I couldn't do their jobs.
--- Sorry thing is -
When retirement comes there may be NO $$ money
Political Corruption, Executive Greed & Good Old Boy Giveaways have this City Broke.

(Just as we Warned for last 12 years)

Political Food for Thought

New Effective Style of CPR
If you need too --- Save a Life in 2014

Happy New Years to All
Watch this Cat use a Computer

Political Corruption, as in our City,
Refuse to investigate Banks and Wall Street

Detroit Bankruptcy News
BPU and City Employees Beware

T-Bone and We Told You So Edition
by Rotten

Our Government Gone Wild
Why do You think RottenPolitics Fights for Transparency

The tale of Two Cities
Spend Your Greedy Selves into Bankruptcy

Detroit will pay 16% of Retirements Due
Is KCK the Next City?

Is Kansas City, Kansas
Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Prosecute?

Rotten Politics.Com Predictions Are Coming True
If We Are Not On Them Every Minute
They Go Back To Corrupt Ways

Polls show People are lied too 200 times a day
Could be why 80% are dissatisfied?

Government Satisfaction Polls -- 80% are dissatisfied
Where are You?

Even if you don't like guns, watch this !
Gun control/legislation
Here is a man who knows the constitution.

Is the BPU Reverting Back to Corrupt Ways
or is it Just DeLeon?
Ken Snyder "Fired for going on Active Duty" Asks?

Government Trust ???

Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't

Happy Thanksgiving too All

Made in America Can Bring Jobs Back

The direction this country is headed
should strike fear in the heart of everybody.

Covert Trade Deals meant to trick you

Wake Up America
This explains both the debt limit and how stupid corrupt Politicians are. Funny how clear things are when you put them under the light.

Maybe this is what it takes to wake up America ,
but I doubt it.

"We the People"
Stand-Up or Sit-Down

Death by Corporation:
America's Corporate Deathstar

Political Corruption Kills
Wake Up America

The Hidden Truth
is City Wide

The News

Big Brother is Watching
Now even Better

Just Come To The USA
Become a Politician and be a part the The Best Way
By Ray Stevens

The Pace of Local & U.S. Government Corruption Today.
What will it be in Future Years?

As Rotten Politics has reported for over 10 years
Kansas Corruption is ranked 10th in USA
Ten Years ago it was 4th

There is confusion about what is Political Corruption,
as has been shown by past younger jurors?

Here is the definition.

Trial News"
Another HUNG JURY in this 4th Dog Fight Trial
YES! -- Paid for by Taxpayers

For WYCO to Survive the shame of Bankruptcy
"We the People must soar with the Eagles"

"We The People" Will we let them Make us fail -- No
The Trial of Today -- is our tomorrow?

Newt -- May have gotten it right

Wyandotte County's training of Corruption & Revenge
Must we take a Place so Beautiful & Make it so Ugly?

Don't Bully Me

Government Targeting IRS Admits it targeted Tea-Party Groups for their Political Views -- Local DA Jerry Gorman targets Rotten editor TJ Reardon and is allowed to get away with it?
The Third Trial starts June 10th, 2013

Personal Safety Issues
Your Government is Watching You
My Computer has been hacked 9 times
from 2008 to 2013

Data erased or changed at their will

Things we have done nothing about that cost us Taxpayers $ Millions a Year
A look Back into 2005 - 2007

Misappropriation of Public Funds

What is the Problem -- Who is the Problem

The Ultimate Outdoors Man

The future of medicine in 2013

"You know why a banana is like a politician?"
"He comes in green, then he turns yellow
and then he's rotten."

"I think Congressmen should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors."

Please take Notice Taxpayers
Government Gone Wild

"This is all I am allowed to say"
By Gov Law I Can-not use this Media, after the election, to influence possible Jurors in my pending Petition usage to cause Grand Jury Investigations of Political Corruption trial.-- Back in 2 months? We can take e-mails.

Please Consider this as my Political Advertisement

Those who missed the
KCKCC Televised Political Forum

The People Keep Asking
Why --TJ -- Why

City Politicians & Executive always blame someone else
Funny it's never their fault

As Negative News Travels

Holland Church finances Suspicious
by Middle North Division

Why are they Hiding
What are they Hiding

** Look out Public **
A Defiant Hal T Walker

Dear Hal
In 35 Years working for the City & BPU You did nothing,
Now without your Big Legal Ax
how Could or Would you do anything?

Ask Mark Holland

The 2009 Grand Jury Investigation Petition in Full
DA Gorman and Hal Walker named to be Investigated

People -- Don't be Fooled by Politicians that Preach.

Home Water Rate Comparison BPU is the Highest

The Confusion surrounding Political Corruption
by TJ Reardon Political Candidate

All the things we have seen!
These failed projects are a testiment to (Old Politics)

Do you really want to continue with more of the same?

True Explanation of Grand Jury Investigations
& Newspaper Questionnaire never Published

Unified Government Oscars Awards

The feathers of fowl play in Wyandotte County
have been ruffled

What is the difference, on the issues, between you and the other candidates running for City office?

The Church Lady on Mark Holland

It's a New Day a New Year and a New Election
Vote Smart --- Vote Reardon

"Hold the Press"
Candidate Walker, my opponent, as read in the
Record News was the reason of all Success West.

Nascar was a Giveaway now Village West Auctioned?

Interest on Debt - Big Problem
Our City spends around $200 Million a
year on interest 2/3 of all taxes?

Why Write a False or Bogus Budget,
when you know it's against the Law

Blocking the Grand Jury was a Must for Gorman &
Lampson to save their own butts and Walkers !

As Thomas Jefferson said, many many,
years ago is coming true today

More on Retirement and
Why Congress only has a 9% approval rate

Our Utility is on the Verge of Bankruptcy
and guess who goes to the Capital

A Small Step for Rotten Politics
A Giant Leap for Taxpayers
KC Star Reported

Martial Law -- Fact or Fiction?
Police Lieutenant Warns Of Martial Law In Early 2013

Top 10 Things that Must Change
or Our City Dies

The Gas Bill Commith
Ram - Scam or Bam

I Never Spoke UP -- Why?

From the Streets of KCK
Great Questions 12-16-2012

Evansville Indiana is under ATTACK -
by old mayor Marinovich

Rottenpolitics Helped Save Evansville/
Vanderburgh County from the BIG LIE -


Working for the Government
means your paid and not you are a slave

A BPU Update
Pissed in KCK

If you lost your Home,
what would you do?

Bankers Arrested Worldwide?
How can WYCO Bondsman Rick Worner who stole, then resold, the Land for Village West and Banker Gary Grable not be arrested, despite being protected by
City Attorney Hal Walker and DA Gorman?

The whole lot should be in prison and now you see why they can't allow a Grand Jury Investigation.

Catholic News 8-3-12
Listen through the opening prayer, it gets good.
Why is it are little town and County of Wyandotte is so fearful of an investigation into political corruption? Spending multi $ millions to prevent a Grand Jury.
What are they hiding or protecting. Ask Hal Walker, Gorman, Bill Burns, Dennis Hays, Grable or Worner

The United States Constitution (c) 1791.
All Rights Reserved

US Poverty on Track to Reach Highest
Levels Since the 1960's

Fire all Politicians -- Turn Over Our Government

Government Issued
Night Watchman

AMERICA? 7-13-2012
WYCO Covers-up the truth and
never seeks the truth to fix it.

NO! I will not comply, said the people!
Look at the fight we are in "just" trying
to obtain a Grand Jury Investigation?

KCK is Sued for Cover-up

July 4th, 2012 Reminder

Our Once Great BPU
is now in Full Bloom

The Smooth Scam
"Wall Street" Learned from the Mafia

Rotten Word 6-20-2012
BPU is in trouble -- So! You are too.

BPU Smart Meter Controversy Continues
Attention Mr. Gray

Word of thought for those thinking of
or now living off, Taxpayers

I was arrested for this action
and now there is a law -- Bill 347

As Rotten Politics Predicted
BPU Strikes Again
(see) Local Water Rate Comparison Chart

Is where we are going --
where we want to go?

We (Taxpayers) Bail Out GM
and they go to China?

Just who does care about you,
your money or your rights?

Not your Government!

Rotten Word 5-20-12

Catholics (as I) will be voting!
If their IN -- vote them OUT.

Upside-Down Land
You know you live in an Upside Down Land if:

BPU Customers should be outraged
A Rotten Investigation 5-15-2012

Government Gone Wild
and We are to Say Nothing?

Rotten Remembers
Do You Remember?

Rotten Message 4-18-12
Taxpayers Fund Nascar?

Kansas Senate to Extend "Tax Payer Paid"
Star Bonds another 5 Years for the Legends.
We Keep throwing Good Money after Bad

Will this scam ever end?

47 Year Old Radio Broadcast
How to Distroy the World

Will our Past Corruption haunt us?
Lets build on Taxpayers backs

Rotten Message

Rotten Message

The Wyandotte County "LOST"
Municipal Codes "FOUND".

Million Dollar Retirements for City Executives
To the left "Demote Dennis Hays"
The Story as we have reported for 10 Years

Money Paid to Top WYCO Officials Retirements

What Are they hiding
Does it Affect You?

People Protect Yourself -- Be Aware
Smart Meters Good or Bad?

The Catholic Archdiocese Promps Letter of Misuse of Public Funds, Thanks for Joining IN -- I have been fighting this cause for 10 to 12 years

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
? Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches That Changed the World

Fight to save your City from Political Corruption & Greed!

If it is GOOD for the People - it's GOOD

The Horrific Details Behind Republicans Caving
Political Cover-ups The same that has Killed KCK

Detroit Today -- KCK Tomorrow?

After the WYCO Kool-aid was drank

Can Ron Paul be Right --
Govt Tit Suckers vs American Taxpayers

Bring America Back?

Fed: Average Household Lost $21K in 3rd Quarter

Rotten News --- Crime Stopper!

The Rotten News (Video)

Too Big to Fail
This is what has happened to KCK and the USA
People buy homes above their means
and are stuck in debt.

Wake Up Taxpayers!

Newt Gingrich vs Media & As Reported:
$7 Trillion lost in Home Values
4 Million behind on Mortgage

25% now owe more than house is worth

Americans for Tax Reform

FYI --- Beware of Locks

Government Gone Wild

Inside Job -- A Movie Exposing Corruption
as we have here

The Feds Audit shows $16 Trillion
in Good Old Boy Giveaways

I Ask -- Does our City, State and Feds need an Audit?
Watch this Video

Taxpayers League Press Release 11-15-11

Question E-Mail ??

60 Minutes on Political Insider Stock Trading

Great Video
You stand up and fight or be steam-rolled
I fight for your rights - why I was elected!

Kansas WatchDog by Earl Glynn

*** Judgement ***

Is WYCO Under Siege?
By Wayne Hodges

Thanks for your many concerns I am OK
and will continue to fight for Taxpayers/Citizens
of my/our KCK as long as I can.

Leadership 4 Change/Mandates


Who is buying companies manufacturing GUNS ??

Subject: Delinquent Tax
and Good Ol Boy Giveaways

What are the People Thinking?
Households Most Pressing Concerns?

How to Understand Municipal Bonds
Interest Paid by KCK to sell Bonds
and Our Cities Bond Ratings
Debt on Bonds is just like Debt on Your Credit Card
the more the Debt the more the Interest

We Told You So
The Truth and Facts are coming out.

UG to Issue More Bonds...Taxes set to go higher

Keeping the Poor in Poverty
The New Political Game.

Top Ten Worst Government Employees
in the History of WYCO

Ray Daniels, John (JD) Rios Strike Again

Unified Government of Wyandotte County
Nears Financial Collapse

Page 127 shows the BPU loses $68 Million a year due to mis management

Honest News of Corrupt Taxing
Mary Rupert of Wy West Joins the Fight

The Debt Game Explained
Results the same as Rotten Politics had Predicted
No Jobs - No Retirement
Wake Up Before it's too late.

2012 Logic -- Pump out Politics

Government Gone WILD
These People Vote
(As they are told to keep a job)

The Doorbell of political greed
when is enough - enough

Vote in 2012

An Explenation of Our Financial Mess

Taxes Follow Corruption
Fraud Follows Politicians

May I Rub Your Nose In It?
Before they do & All jobs are dead in KCK!

Mill Levy Goes up 10% - Property Taxes go up 20%
Age Old Law Taxes Follow Corruption

Mayor Reardon Lies & We
(Taxpayers) Pay for it.

Nice House!

Cut Social Security -Cut Public Services
We Say Cut Foreign Aid and Government Salaries

The Rotten Word
Underfunding Retirement by the States
Kansas & Missouri

USA Credit Rating has been Lowered?

The Political Dance Continues

Welfare Vacation on "We the People"

Our Death by Hidden Taxes.

Insane Cost of Government

Dejudging de Judge

The Most Powerful Group of
Political Donors in America

US Houses are back to 2003 Prices

History Lesson on Your Social Security Card

Our Economy Explained in 2 Minutes
with Illustrations -- By Cheryl Buell

Government Gone-Wild

What have we learned in 2,064 years

Big Oil Only Pays 4.4% in Income Tax
to US Treasury, Uses Offshore
Tax Avoidance Schemes

KCKCC News 5-20-11
Experience in Corruption Counts

Kansas Entertainment Casino & Wyandotte County
Conspire to Violate Laws. Taxpayers Pay Again

FEMA - Home Land Security - Warning

The Facts Are In!
WYCO soon a Defunct Bankrupt City

City Hall Buzz 4-8-11





























































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